Встреча с исследователем Деннисом Кином
Астана, 7 марта
Digital Infolab
This Thursday, Urban Forum Kazakhstan starts a series of meet-ups in Astana in partnership with Goethe-Institut.
We hope to bind together the emerging community of urban researchers and activists in this city.
Dennis Keen, a researcher of Kazakhstan's history of urbanity, will talk about his studies of Soviet-era
* murals,
* mosaics,
* stained glass,
* bas-reliefs
and other works of public art, and how these studies brought him to activism in preservation of this heritage.
The natives of Astana are kindly invited to share their knowledge of the city's architectural history!

Join us to unlock the new location for interesting public events in the heart of Astana's old town - Digital INFOLAB (Beibitshilik 8, the building of Grand Hotel Yessil, entrance from Otyrar Street).
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